A Message From The CTO

May 11, 2018 - 2 minutes read

May 11, 2018

The Executive Office Of The CTO

Official Statement for Publication

There has been reports of some misinformation being spread about leep.  As one of the founders I would like to take this opportunity to tell our story.

Although leep does have taxis as an option, we are not run by taxis, nor are we a company of taxis trying to do rideshare. I personally have founded and sold two technology companies and this one by far is something really special.

Is leep the Taxi Industry?
We are not a Taxi Company, nor do we believe by any stretch that taxis are the future. The other two founders are from the Transportation Industry which did include taxis, but I wanted to make that point very clear, we are not a taxi company. In fact we are 1 of only 8 TNC’s fully registered and insured through the state of Texas.

We believe:
Drivers and the services you provide are the future.  We just want to give you a platform that values you as much as the value you bring to the riders.  When it comes to what makes leep different, the biggest thing is our focus. That’s behind everything we do.

We built this company with the idea that listening to the drivers and building a business that puts drivers first isn’t just the right thing to do, but that it’s also good business.

I look forward to talking and meeting all the people who choose (it is a choice) to drive with us.

We are no where near as great as we are going to be, but with your help I have no doubt that we can be the best rideshare choice for our drivers and our riders.

Matthew J Carter
Chief Technology Officer